December, 2010

Trash Can Fantasy

So, to end 2010, an amazing, touching, poignant dustbin. Out with the old, in with the new and all that. And where better to get rid of the old than in this accidental freak? Part Cornetto, part trashcan, it’s both fantastical and utilitarian – like a hybrid mythical creature (in the manner of centaurs, mermaids […]

Versioned Chairs

Versioned Chairs explores the effect of translations acted out on a series of canonical chairs. The original design was first translated into a textual description that attempts to describe the physical characteristics of the chair as accurately as possible. These texts were then translated back into images through sketches drawn by a group working without […]

Rip It Up & Start Again

I’m speaking this thursday (16th) as part of London Mets ‘Rip It Up & Start Again‘ series. Details below: Short Stories about the city by Dann Jessen, Julian Lewis and Judith Loesing from East and Sam Jacob from FAT Architecture In this double header, East and Sam from FAT will tell short stories about doing […]

Denise Scott Brown, Queen of the Desert

Here is Denise Scott Brown, hands on hips in the desert, looking us squarely in the eye with an intensity that seems like a provocation. ‘Here I am’, she seems to be saying, ‘And what do you think of that!?’ Her hair is up though a few wisps have come free. Her sleeves are pushed […]

About A Minute

Super excited to be presenting a new project titled Versioned Chairs at the inaugural show opening this week at the Gopher Hole – “a new architecture, art, music, design, literature and miscellaneous culture gallery/venue” in Hoxton run by Bea Galilee and aberrant architecture. About a Minute 10th Dec 2010 – 13th February 2011 About a Minute […]