January, 2011

Riots, Crisis, Architecture and Cities: Damon Rich & Wouter Vanstiphout at the AA

I’m please to be hosting two of the sharpest and smartest people in urban design next week at the AA in what seems accidently to have become a micro-symposium: Damon Rich of CUP and¬†Urban Designer for the City of Newark on Tuesday 1st Feb and Wouter Vanstiphout of Crimson Architectural Historians / Professor of Design […]

Spatial Collapse: The Venetolona Pavilion

All I’m going to do is try to describe this picture I took yesterday in the Venetian Macau because there is a lot going on here and I’m trying to get it straight. The image is an advert for a luxury watch brand used as a hoarding during a shop fit. It’s a picture of […]

Minimalism, An Obituary

Here is one of my contributions to the Obituaries issue of the New City Reader, ¬†edited by MOS. If you can’t get to the New Museum to pick up a copy, download the whole thing here. The Death of Nothing Architectural Minimalism rose again from the ground this week. Still not dead, it is 38. […]

New Broom

And for 2011, a new broom. I could tell you how this conflation of two orders of domestic objects challenges notions of use and decoration. I could argue that its reworking of domestic utility is somehow a post-feminist reworking of the idea of domestic cleanliness. I might even go on about the culture of convergence […]