June, 2011

Design as Magic, Magic as Design & Live Levitation!

Quick note to say I’m taking part in the first issue of Format tomorrow, Tuesday 28th June at the AA , 6.30pm, on the subject of magic, design and architecture with artist Jonathan Allen and hosted by Shumon Basar. We’ll be talking about magic’s role within power structures, architectures use of magic and setting David […]

Obscure Design Typologies: Show Jumps

Urban Planning Nostalgia

A Look At The Future, 1961 Look at Life: Top People, 1960 Look at Life: Rising To High Office, 1963 Look at Life: Eating High, 1966 London Builds Again, 1945/6 Look At Life: Transport

Goal / Fence

images via This is the accidental work of the City of York Council who have built a new fence right through an existing set of goalposts. Not only wonderfully surreal, it provides a beautiful enactment of the relationship between municipal bureaucracy and physical space. The overlap of different types of public space – playground, football […]

On Sketches for Regency Living

Pablo Bronstein, Large Cabinet / Office, 2011 There’s one particular moment in Pablo Bronstein’s great show at the ICA Sketches for Regency Living where the idea of architecture, style, ideology come together, where his ping ponging of reference shudders to a strange conclusion. Illustration of Chippendale furniture from Style In Furniture by R. Davis Benn […]

At the ICA & in San Rocco

A quick note: I have a series of drawings in the new issue of San Rocco (issue 02/ The Even Covering Of The Field) accompanied with a text by Simon de Dreuille. It’s out now and you can get a copy here. Pablo Bronstein, Erecting of the Paternoster Square Column, 2008 Also, tonight I’m giving […]