August, 2011

Reverse Pruitt Igoe

Riots, The Privatised City, Networked Urbanism and the Pretzel Logic of Looting

I have an Op Ed up on Domus on the UK riots and their relationship to urban commodification, communication networks and the prolapsed politics of looting. Here’s an extract: “Yet it was also an attack whose ideology seems to spring from the very same logics that shape the contemporary urban condition. Densified by digital networks, […]

Croydon Slash New York: Networks, Riots & Markets

Not to force a point here, but the strange juxtaposition on Sky News last night that set in split-screen live coverage of the NYSE closing bell against helicopter shots of Croydon in flames after arson and looting seems more than an accident of conflicting and overlapping news agendas. No, this is an image that operates […]