September, 2011

Radical Post Modernism

Radical Post Modernism, AD, Edited by Charles Jencks, Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob. Amazon link here. I’m please to announce that the issue of AD that I’ve edited with fellow FAT directors Sean Griffiths and Charles Holland alongside Charles Jencks is now out. Titled ‘Radical Post Modernism’, it has three real aims. The […]

Room Service at KK Outlet

Just a quick note. FAT have contributed to Object Abuse at KK Outlet (itself a FAT interior project for KesselsKramer‘s London incarnation). Titled ‘Room Service’ we’re showing the ‘Chop’ (a chair / mop) and the ‘Bright’ (a broom / light), pictured above. These and all the other contributions by a great group of designers (including […]