November, 2011

Those Who Walk Through Walls & Other Hertzian Tales

I have two pieces out concurrently that in some way speculate on the architectural space of broadcast and communication technology. In a sense, they describe the beginning and the end of what we could call the ‘Hertzian dream’ of liberation from the physical realm into new worlds whose fluid possibilities of geography, time, ownership and […]

Obscure Design Typologies: Gorilla Enclosures

The Gorilla Enclosure as design typology presents a concentrated version of architecture as a total design project: design not of discrete objects but as the design of environment. One could think of the enclosure as a kind of imaginary world, an island contained within cage, glass, fence or wall. Inside, they operate both as a […]

Obscure Design Typologies: Palindromic Objects

Double Ended Bath This coming Friday will see a beautiful full blown palindromic moment. The 11th of November at 11 minutes and 11 seconds after 11 in the morning will be To mark this meaningless numerical accident, I’ve put together a few what we might call palindromic objects – things which read the same […]