July, 2012

Architecture’s Exquisite Corpse: Another Kind Of Folding In Architecture

A while ago at Studio X in NYC, I ran a what was billed as a “An Evening of Psychometric Drawing Experiments, Architectural Non Sequiturs, and Free Association”. Over the course of the evening we tried a series of drawings games. We played an invention called Architectural Consequences, a game that works just like picture […]

Obscure Design Typologies: Fire Training Towers

Fire training towers are the structures that the fire service use to practice firefighting. They mimic a range of architectural conditions that firefighters will most likely encounter: height, stairs, doors, rooms and so on resulting in constructions that almost look like buildings. We could think of them as heavily edited versions of architecture, familiar kinds […]

Ground Xerox at the AA

A few images of Inter 12’s exhibition as part of AA projects review. It features a beautiful milled blue foam replica of a completely average wall, plug sockets, radiator, shonky pipework and all. It sits as a physical reflection of the adjacent wall, a kind of reflected apparition of its context. The show is open […]

Events This Week

A heads up for three events I’m involved in this week. On Tuesday 3rd July I’m in conversation with Jimenez Lai at the Architecture Foundation where we’ll be talking about his installation, his book ‘Citizens of No Place’, Bureau Spectacular’s work … and what we might be working on together in Chicago this autumn. More […]