September, 2012

Powerless Replicas & Dud Twins: Thoughts On Placebic Objects

I’m taking part in a show called Image for a Title : Placebo Effects In The Cultural Landscape curated by Workshop for Potential Design in the Brompton Design District of the London Design Festival that opens on the 14th Sept. Curators Tetsuo Mukai and Bernadette Deddens write: The point of departure for the exhibition is […]

Nostalgia for the New

Here’s something I wrote for COMMONPLACE, a version of Fulcrum published at this years Venice Biennale. Ironically for something positioning itself on the bleeding edge of newness, the New Aesthetic reeks of something suspiciously like nostalgia. It’s intoxicating vapours contain soothing notes of antiquated art historical ideas including the quaint notion of aesthetic movements and […]