October, 2012

Hausu Of Tomorrow

There is a Japanese horror movie called Hausu (1977) that as well as being a completely deranged, psychedelic stylized sweet comedy gore-fest is also the most eloquent description of the dark psychology that lurks in architectures unconscious. Even if it was important, I couldn’t really explain the plot, obscured, as it is by nutty cinematography […]

Anything to Feel Weightless Again, Again

This essay is one from the archives … it must have been a casualty in the great Strange Harvest meltdown of earlier this year, so I thought I’d post it up again. Originally it was a contribution to the book “Making the Impossible Possible: The Dream of Flying. The Dream of Paradise” It’s what you […]

Architectural Doppelgängers at the AA

Just a quick note about a talk at the AA, Monday 29 October, 6pm Lecture Hall. Currently exhibited at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, The Museum of Copying is the first public presentation by the Architectural Doppelgängers Research Cluster. The Museum explores the idea of the copy in architecture as an important, active and often […]

Substance: Classical Architecture, Precision Engineering, Military Hardware and Dewy Nature

This is something I was playing with to pass the time on a long flight. Made with a free copy of Esquire and a Samsung Galaxy SIII, I liked the idea re-editing this found piece of glossy lifestyle media simply by re-photographing and cropping. It’s something like a mini-magazine about the sensation of reading a […]

Show & Tell: Our Fancy Fences: An Anthology of Domestic Kitsch / Giacomo Magnani

Giacomo Magnani brings us a new post in the occasional series ‘Show & Tell’ Our Fancy Fences: An Anthology Of Domestic Kitsch The project was born out of a photographic project to be exhibited during Fotografia Europea Festival 2012 in Reggio Emilia (Italy), whose yearly theme was “Living together – pictures for the community”: the […]

Marginalia #1

Something to keep things ticking over here. A weekly collection of tweets, instagrams other scraps that might otherwise disappear into the ether. [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”http://instagr.am/p/QnKzjjiMdc/” size=”500″] [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”http://instagr.am/p/QnRYvZiMSx/” size=”500″] [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”http://instagr.am/p/QnKzjjiMdc/” size=”500″] Roehampton Estate There is a man licking every Anglican cathedral in the UK [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”http://instagr.am/p/QplW2riMeh/” size=”500″] Rockwool behind glass detail […]

Industrial Light & Magic

  As you walk through a European city, you’ll often find yourself entering a strange zone, a place where time seems to both fast forward and rewind and the same time. You can feel it underfoot as tarmac and concrete slabs give way to cobbled granite. Maybe you’ll pass through a set of bollards that […]