July, 2013

Marginalia #2

[instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”http://instagram.com/p/aD11tRiMUM/” size=”500″] Thamesmead Apartment [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”http://instagram.com/p/aD0871iMTB/” size=”500″] Horse, Thamesmead More on a trip to Thamesmead over at Love London Council Housing. “The Pantheon: You build a gigantic thing and it rains inside” – A quote from San Rocco’s call for What’s Wrong With The Primitive Hut? Watch your back James Dyson: CIA […]

Send Me The Pillow, The One That You Dream On

Over on Dezeen, I’ve written something about the Etsy-fication of Modernism – the way that big, social projects of the 1960’s like Park Hill and the Trellick Tower have reappeared as modern domestic chintz. And how this perhaps reveals that historical ideological battles have become contemporary pillow fights … “There’s something strange going on here. […]

Mipim: Where Cities Talk To Money

A Russian speaking robot at the Krasnodar Region tent, Mipim A quick heads up for a piece I wrote for Domus about Mipim, the annual global property fair titled ‘Where Cities Talk To Money’. Here’s a link, and below are a couple of excerpts. ….. Passing model after model, rendered in glowing Perspex on floating […]