Postopolis DF


Super excited to be part of Postopolis DF – the Mexican edition of Storefronts Postopolis, this time in partnership with Museo Experimental El Eco, Tomo and Domus Magazine.

Previously you’ve seen groups of celebrated (if that’s the right word) architecture/landscape/urban/art/design bloggers converge in NYC and LA, inviting the great, the good and the obscure to present while they tweet and post like fury.

This time, I’ll be there with:
Urban Omnibus (Cassim Shepard), Intersections (Daniel Hernandez),
DPR Barcelona (Ethel Barona Pohl),
Toxico Cultura (Gabriella Gomez-Mont),
Tomo (Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa),
Mudd Up! (Jace Clayton aka DJ /rupture),
Edible Geography (Nicola Twilley),
We Make Money Not Art (Regine Debatty),
Wayne & Wax (Wayne Marshall)

We’ll be in the beautiful courtyard of Museo Experimental El Eco, designed by Matthias Goeritz, to conduct back-to-back interviews of some of Mexico City’s most influential thinkers and practitioners – including architects, city planners, artists and urban theorists but also military historians, filmmakers, photographers, activists and musicians.

The Postopolis concept is a kind of antidote to the syndrome so often described by Things which sees the same material recycled post to post, blog to blog, tumblr to tumblr in an endless feedback loop. This is a chance to inject something else into the interweb – and from one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world.

Of course, it can only happen thanks to a bunch of sponsors: Mexicana, British Embassy, Urbi VidaResidencial, UNAM, Difusion Cultural UNAM, Museo Experimental El Eco, Cityexpress, XXLager.

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