Some Housekeeping

Regular visitors may have noticed a slight revamp to Strange Harvest.

Comments – after a long hiatus – are back. So … comment away!

There’s a logo, which is a clip of a old science fiction book called Strange Harvest which seemed kind of appropriate to appropriate. The jacket describes Strange Harvest as follows:

“This second collection of stories from the pen of the imaginative author of The Eye and the Finger, The Web of Easter Island, and Poems for Midnight offers a striking variety. The tales in Strange Harvest range from fantasy through the macabre to outstanding science-fiction. Here are such remarkable stories as Nightmare, with its baffling dream imagery, the grimly sardonic Atom-Smasher, the account of eerie new growth that animates Spawn of the Sea, the narrative of the bizarre plague of The Shisperers, and the tale of the voyagers from depths of space in Something From Above. These and many more furnish a feast for the most avid devotees of imaginative fiction at its sometimes chilling but always evocative best, provided by one of its foremost practitioners.”

More importantly, it would be great to hear if there are any problems. My coding skills are rudimentary at best, so if the site is crashing your browser, coming out mangled, full of links which go nowhere, or any other general weirdness then please let me know.


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