Eiffel X-Rays


From the medical records of St George’s Hospital Medical School:

“A 3 year old boy presented to our accident and emergency department with an obvious penetrating head injury. He had tripped and fallen onto a metal model of the Eiffel Tower which then became rigidly lodged into his skull.

On arrival he had a Glasgow coma score of 15 and was neurologically intact. He was then anesthetised for a computed tomography scan which showed the tip of the metallic model penetrating the skull and lying 11 mm into the brain parenchyma.

He was transferred directly to the neurosurgical theatre for a craniotomy to remove the foreign body and debridement of the wound. Following this procedure he was successfully extubated and made a good recovery on the paediatric intensive care unit.

The following day he was discharged to the ward with regular antibiotics and prophylactic phenytoin.”


And this from the Mirror:

“Jogger Amy Preston needed hospital treatment after she Eiffel over while running and landed on her keyring.

The 28-year-old was carrying her keys in her hand when she took a tumble while exercising near her London home.

Two legs of her Eiffel Tower souvenir keyring lodged in her left hand.”

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