Sex and the City 2: Big Screen Urban Theory

This is the title sequence for Sex and the City 2 where Carrie describes the urban history of Manhattan. It’s of course a barely coded signal that the whole film (if not the whole SATC franchise) is a seminal text on contemporary urbanism. I’d like to point you in the direction of a piece I wrote for Icon which elaborates on this idea in more detail and examines just what it’s been trying to tell us. You can read it right here.

It begins like this:

If it wasn’t a blockbuster franchise strung out through six series and (now) two big-screen versions, Sex and the City would exist as an obscure academic thesis written in the boring bit of an architecture school where there’s nothing much to look at.

Its main argument is that sex, or to be more explicit desire, in late capitalist culture has consumed the very idea of the city. Manhattan is the laboratory here: the apogee of 20th-century urbanism has transformed into a self-consuming anti-urban condition. Oh, and shoes. It’s also about shoes … More

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  1. anonymous says:

    That was great. I think you just summed up everything I was having trouble verbalizing about NYC and pretty much a lot of architecture in general. Thank you.

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