No Dust Adheres

Architectural Association School of Architecture / Bedford Press

Evening Lecture & Book Launch
6pm Lecture Hall / 10 November 2010

Sean Edwards & Sam Jacob
No Dust Adheres

This AA lecture, to accompany the launch of the book Maelfa, will see artist Sean Edwards and architect Sam Jacob discuss amongst other things Edwards’ recent film about the Maelfa shopping centre, a near derelict space in the district of Llanedyern, Cardiff which touches upon the poignancy of disappearing communities and failed utopian aspirations. Discussing their collaboration on the book they will also site the project in relation to their respective practices. The lecture will include extracts from Sean’s
film, a bit of Bruce Springsteen and a discussion of the essay Sam wrote for the publication.

Sean Edwards is an Abergavenny- based artist. Sam Jacob is an architect, writer and critic.
Maelfa, published by Bedford Press, will be available on the evening at a special launch price of £10.

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