Trailer: Copying & Magic

A quick note to bump a couple of events I’m contributing to in the near future.

First up is a talk for Icon as part of their Icon Minds programme on 25 May 6-7pm, I think in the The Farmiloe Building on St John Street, London. It’s titled Ground Xerox: Architectural Doppelgängers & Design Doubles (link here). Unsurprisingly it’s on the subject of copies and copying in architecture & design. It should include some of the work we’ve been doing at the AA this year in my Deep Copy studio, as well as referring to a piece I wrote for Icon a couple of months ago.

Incidentally, I’ll be directing a Research Cluster next year at the AA with Ines Weizman on the subject of copies and architecture where we will be focusing on the subject of Intellectual Property. But more on that in a while.

I’m also talking about architecture and copying in Berlin at the Copy/Culture Symposium presented by DMY Berlin and Premsela on 4 June from 13:00-19:00. Also taking part are: Henk Oosterling, Aram Sinnreich, Aric Chen, Galit Gaon, Bas van Beek, Kueng Caputo, Josefina Schlie, Jeremiah Tesolin, Paul Gardien, Janne Kyttänen & Marleen Stikker.

Here’s the blurb:

This year’s symposium will examine the implications of copying, open source, and sampling on the design trade and profession. The Internet, globalization and an open-source mentality have changed our thinking almost overnight about what constitutes a copy versus an original. Copying not only has legal and cultural repercussions; it bears on moral and psychological issues as well. Therefore we have chosen a multi-faceted approach to this complex issue, examining the dilemmas and raising questions upon the status of the copy resp. the original.

The topic will be explored in lectures, panel talks and discussions by international designers, researchers and cultural experts, complemented by curated showcases within the central exhibition.

A little further over the horizon also be part of the Format series at the AA this summer curated by Shumon Basar. I’ll be doing a talk/show with artist Jonathan Allen on 28 June, 6.30pm at the AA on the subject of Magic as Design & Design as Magic. We’ll be mixing up the usual talking with some spectacular illusions. Not much on this link, but I’ll update here when they’ve posted more details.

UPDATE: Here’s a new link to Magic Format

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  1. MM Jones says:

    Hi Sam, Wish I could attend these in person, but probably cannot. Fascinated by this topic. Any chance that any of these 3 will be recorded/live streamed? I know the AA tends to be pretty good about filming & cataloguing events & lectures… Cheers, Matt

  2. anothersam says:

    Hmm. not sure what the deal is with the first two. The AA one should be recorded & available, if not streamed. In fact, we were hoping that we could get the machine that cuts records out of the AAs store and issue it on vinyl.

  3. MM Jones says:

    …you should have someone pirate the recording, a peddle DVDs in the front members room, or something. That’d be sort of funny

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