Pecha Kucha London


Icon magazine have franchised Klein Dythams Petcha Kucha format ?????? loads of speakers, 20 slides, 6 seconds per slide. It was Icons second go last night at the ICA in London. As a veteran of the Apple Store Petcha Kucha, I was first up. My 7 minutes mainly relied on the cheap Pantomime trick of chucking sweets and crisps into the audience. Unfortunatly I hadn??????t rehearsed my sweet throwing technique – too much velocity and not enough elevation meant new ICA director Ekow Eshun was brained by a packet of hot??????n??????spicy Monster Munch. The sweets were there for a purpose as well ?????? food in the shape of sculptures, a tangent to the photos of snack sculptures that I was showing. My story was that these fibreglass ice creams are the direct and lonely descendants of the Lion Gate at Mycenae.

The event juxtaposed all kinds of different stuff: Rob Manuel from ?????? (who was really great) next to Brendan McGetrick ?????? editor of AMOs Content, Europe project, and Volume amongst other stuff. It was interesting to compare B3tas authentic terrible web graphics up against AMOs neo-blog aesthetic (guess who got more laughs). Also Beardyman ?????? a human beatbox dropping product design bon mots in amongst verbal dexterity. Beardyman was later found pitching to Dick Powell (who earlier had proudly quoted Ron Arads description of him as ??????the guy who designs the stuff in the Argos catalogue??????). Rem Koolhass turned up in the ICA bar later with Madelon Vriesendorp showing moral support to the young Koolhaas clan who??????d presented their graphics and photo projects. Other presentations from the likes of Tom Dixon, Dick Powell, Sam Lim, Beyond the Valley, Pearsonlloyd, Shin Azumi.

For the first half an hour, the whole thing reminded me why I can??????t stand designers (?????Nature is a wonderful designer??????, ?????design is about simplicity?????? ?????? all that kind of meaningless platitude). But after a few drinks, my cynical guard dropped and it all seemed great. Left the ICA late, marvelling at London??????s new design fraternity.



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