Unigate Cowscape


As the M3 leaps out of London over Hanworth, the roof of the Unigate dairy provides a strange flat landscape populated by miniature but anatomically correct models of cows (in this photo, they are those grey blobs on the horizon). Grazing on asphalt 4 stories up. Maybe it is meant as some kind of city/rural interface – a gateway to London that celebrates the strange non-suburban, not-quite-urban, less-than-rural, light industrial/scrubland/field/junkyard/agricultural fringe. Its certainly more contextual than the half deflated Ronald McDonald that slumps on top of the drive thru’ at the preceding roundabout, seamed and stretched like a defeated manga character. Of course, it would work a bit better as a gateway if it was a ‘Cow and Gate’ factory … One can only imagine what a real uni-gate could be .. a gate with only one side maybe?


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