Complete the following assignments:

Complete the following assignments:

1. Model a prototype for a new kind of breakfast cereal. Its demographic should target miserable middle aged men.

2. Redesign the Statue of Liberty so that she expresses the following emotions or attitudes:
i. regret
ii. allure
iii. ennui

3. Find a clock with arms. Customise the clock using collage so that it becomes either allegorical or metaphorical

4. Make a placard for an imaginary demonstration.

5. Imagine you have just formed a punk rock band. Select a piece of Microsoft Office Clip Art as the cover of your first single, and give it a title.

6. Make a replica of your favourite object out of Blu Tack.

3. Invent a souvenir for the place you felt a strange sense of calm descend upon you. As though a large tourist trade had sprung up to witness the actual spot where you felt like that.

4. Design is the art of:

a. Making life easier.
b. Wondering what it means to exist as an autonomous volume in the universe.


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