Show & Tell: ‘My Blogspot’ by Paul Davies

Image: ‘Paul 17th March’. Retro Modern Triptych, Photographs by Julie Cook
Equipment: Polaroid camera; Vintage (best they ever made). Film by Impossible.

At the same time I grabbed my first Le Corbusier drawing off the postman, I was fitting a special postbox to the right of the front door to make his life easier. He seems very pleased anybody gives a damn, we are quite the buzz of the sorting office, and also, over the following week, the volume of post has increased.

Pictured is my actual blogspot, my bad Merzbau, my stationary psychic geography, my cabinet, my erotic landscape, my Breton, Barthes and Baudrillard, my Dan Mod, So Cal, Arch Ed home; my space and the hub of my E-bay world with such infrastructural consequences. There is a temptation to list this landscape, weekend magazine style, but I’ve done that, and it’s not worth it. I did it as a student; it wasn’t worth it then either. But, the Belgian Alpine Hut Money Box with attached Lesney Motorcycle Sidecar may be psychologically significant. I have a thing about alpine huts and alpine vistas and motorcycles. I am scared of heights, snow and like OHMSS and motorcycles and alpine cheese (but no longer ride motorcycles) and once wrote a (very good) unpublished and now sadly lost piece called ‘Obliterated in Antwerp’. Behind the acropolian hut, there are hookers cards from Las Vegas artfully arranged. They are the bane of my aesthetic life. I just can’t seem to do anything with them, but keep trying. That particular arrangement in a 6”x4” has stood the test of time, but changed frames.

The lights and furniture are almost all from Rocket Gallery. They were all bought while drunk in the afternoon, which in my opinion is the best way to buy any major item. It is effortless at the time, and it’s a surprise when you go and pick it up. Since the gallery is excellent, and I like to think over the years we have developed a certain rapport, there was little risk. The three pinups are Kimberley in Browns (c1999), Fiona Richmond smoking a fag on the Costa Brava (c1974) and the Playboy calendar from 1969 and must represent erotic milestones. One of the girls in the calendar looks like my aunt might have done, lounging by the pool in Houston while I was eight. There are also many things that have been ordered to do a thing called decoupage on a full size poster of a cocktail waitress from Reno on the front of the new pantry door. Will this ever happen? I feel I am very unlikely to do it, but have to maintain the faith that I might.

The postman calls again, endless precious trash for the box, I have forgotten where it all comes from. E-bay is, after all, a worldwide recycling bin, and I guess what we do is recycle ourselves, perhaps adding improvements, embellishments, and as our fresh (hollow lead 1950’s) red indians hold up the cowboys on the bathroom’s superhighway, it’s like Christmas every day.

I am not convinced of the stages of man (sacraments, stations, whatever) but at least the first two before middle age must be about doing things, the first manly escapology, and the second production of some kind. The third may well be acquisition of objects often referent to the period when you were doing things so swimmingly, with a bit of luck done in something you haven’t had before, a home. If people generally understood this less of them might die at twenty-seven, and old people’s home space standards would be a lot larger, and they’d have enormous letter boxes.

Paul Davies was born on Mersea Island, Essex in 1961, studied architecture at Bristol University and the Polytechnic of Central London, found himself enthralled by Las Vegas through the nineties and now teaches History and Theory at London SouthBank University and the Architectural Association. He married photographer Julie Cook in 2001 and his blog Architecture and Other Habits has been running since 2009, and noting his most hit on blogs by far are those on LA Woman and KISS, he tries to keep up his diverse appreciation of whatever we are doing.

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  1. David Lomax says:

    Mr Davies once listened patiently to my crit presentation and, with an at-the-time-unnoticed mischevious expression, rocked back in his chair and proclaimed that I’d make an excellent politician. I’ve never quite decided whether or not to take offence.

    Please do read his blog if you haven’t yet. Witty and enlightening in almost equal measure.


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