Events This Week

A heads up for three events I’m involved in this week.

On Tuesday 3rd July I’m in conversation with Jimenez Lai at the Architecture Foundation where we’ll be talking about his installation, his book ‘Citizens of No Place’, Bureau Spectacular’s work … and what we might be working on together in Chicago this autumn.

More info here

On Wednesday 4th I’ll be at the AA for Chat Show Format with Shumon Basar talking about the architecture of Chat Shows.

And on Thursday 5th I’m chairing an event at the Purcell Room at the Southbank where Saskia Sassen, Will Self, Anna Minton and Stephen Gill will talk about the Olympic site and how the empty industrial landscapes of Hackney have been host to hundreds of projects over several decades, dreams of possible futures by residents, architects, writers, artists and politicians (including Cedri Price’s Fun Palace). More info and tickets here.

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