Vintage Tradeshow Surrealism: International Grune Woche


1976 – A tree from sausages was the main attraction at the combined Turkish stand

A selection of archive photos from Berlins “International Grune Woche” exhibition, which is, apparently “the internationally leading public exhibition for the food, agriculture, and gardening industry”. These displays suggest the inherently artificial nature of agriculture and food production – the fact that food is a ‘design’ product, rather than natures bounty. Or they do if you’re me and are obsessed with the idea that food is an invisible genre of product design.


1966 – A space-saving sensation at the International Green Week Berlin: this twelve metre high tower greenhouse with automatic elevator system means an enormous reduction in the area required for growing crops independently of the weather


1962 – Apples from an automatic dispenser


1931 – Hunting hall


1960 – Almost like a spring stroll for Berliners and their guests in the middle of winter in the extensive parklands of the Floral Hall at the Green Week


1932 – View of the forestry training show


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