Old Flo House

Tower Hamlets have stirred up a hornest nest in their proposed sale of Henry Moore’s Old Flo (or as it’s officially titled, Draped Seated Woman). The statue had been essentially gifted by Moore to a post Blitz East End, sold way-below-market rate. Now valued around £20 million the council are eying the funds from the sale as a way to fill a hole left by government funding cuts. But what about a solution that might keep everyone happy (or everyone unhappy) where the funds generated from the sale were re-invested in social housing in the form of Old Flo herself.

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  1. stephen butler says:

    What a wonderful image of Old Flo. I came across this by accident. Some of my students here at Tower Hamlets College are going to use the statues from a around the borough to create some greetings cards. I shall show them this for some inspiration! Reminds me too of one of Thurber’s cartoons and images from Louise Bourgeois.

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