Send Me The Pillow, The One That You Dream On

Over on Dezeen, I’ve written something about the Etsy-fication of Modernism – the way that big, social projects of the 1960’s like Park Hill and the Trellick Tower have reappeared as modern domestic chintz. And how this perhaps reveals that historical ideological battles have become contemporary pillow fights …

“There’s something strange going on here. All this giant, hard stuff is turned into cosy domesticity. It’s as though Cath Kidston, the queen of nostalgic domesticity, has swallowed a copy of Towards An Architecture or fallen through a rift in time and found herself participating at the 9th Congress of C.I.A.M.” Read More

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  1. Paul davies says:

    When I showed a girl wearing a trellick tower skirt, and wondered why she was wearing it to an audience of eager second years, one chirped up ‘perhaps because she’s had her bush hammered’

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