Marginalia #2

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Thamesmead Apartment

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Horse, Thamesmead

More on a trip to Thamesmead over at Love London Council Housing.

“The Pantheon: You build a gigantic thing and it rains inside” – A quote from San Rocco’s call for What’s Wrong With The Primitive Hut?

Watch your back James Dyson: CIA let Khalid Sheikh Mohammed design vacuum cleaner in a secret Romanian prison according to this Guardian story

Glasgow’s famous ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ is, sadly, finally completed.

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I had never noticed this tiny sentry box disguised as a street light on the corner of Trafalgar Square. Apparently, it’s a tiny police station sited here because of the squares long history as a site of public protest. The lamp on top is, apocryphally, a lamp from the Victory, Nelson’s ship.

And, finally, a round up of comedy Strange Harvest / FAT features elsewhere:

Above is FAT’s guest starring role on Have I Got News For You.

“Being mocked on Buzzfeed is today’s measure of cultural relevance” according to Kelsey C-D on twitter in relation to an apperance at no. 20 in a list of the Most Pretentious Things Ever (one place above David Bowie, which can’t be all bad). The same piece also made it into Private Eye’s Pseuds Corner

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