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I’m in New York the weekend of the 21st Sept as part of Log’s In Pursuit of Architecture conference at MoMA.

In Pursuit of Architecture: A conference on buildings and ideas
Saturday, September 21, 2013, 10AM–5PM
The Museum of Modern Art
New York, New York

To mark its 10th anniversary and 29th issue, Log presents In Pursuit of Architecture, a conference featuring recent built work selected from an open, international call for submissions. Join architects and critics for a daylong discussion of architectural ideas, what it takes to build them, and how we measure the cultural value of architecture.

It’s a kind of crit format with architects including 51N4E, Office KGDVS, MOS & Preston Scott Cohen presenting and a panel of critics (Sylvia Lavin, Emmanuel Petit and Sarah Whiting and me).

I’ve also contributed essay titled Faster but Slower in the associated issue of Log 29 which should be out any minute now.

Details here

I have an essay We Live Half At Night in the catalogue of Vers Un Climat, a show by AWP at Cornell (which has a lovely heat sensitive cover). It’s on the architecture of night, a theme which runs through many of AWP’s projects.

I’ve written a speculation on the future of retail and high streets in the London Design Guide 2014-2015 edited by Max Fraser and published as part of the London Design Festival

And an essay Landscape In Suspension in Geoff Manaugh‘s new book Landscape Futures

And more columns up at Dezeen:

On Beaches: After returning from a two-week break, Sam Jacob reflects on the phenomenon of the modern beach holiday and argues that it is just as artificial as everyday working life in the city.

On Zombie Architecture: Sam Jacob argues against the resurrection of Crystal Palace in London and urges us to “resist the pull of loss and nostalgia”

On Protest: Sam Jacob argues against what he calls PRotest, proposing that new forms of outcry through marketing and the media are confusing and “only make us more alienated”

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