Upcoming Events: Battle of Ideas / Critics Night

A couple of upcoming events I’m taking part in next week:

I’m talking in Rotterdam at the New Institute / NAi on Thursday 17th Oct. It’s ‘Critics Night’ and I’ll be joining Eric Kluitenberg, Edwin Gardner, Marit Overbeek, Levien Nordeman and host Lucas Verweij to discuss the current state of criticism in architecture and design. Details, tickets etc. here.

And in London I’m at the Barbican for the Battle Of Ideas in a session titled Pop Art: All Mouth, No Trousers? with Catherine Ince, Angus Kennedy, Karl Sharro, Frances Spalding and David Bowden on Sunday 20 October, 1.30pm – 3.00pm in the Garden Room at the Barbican.

Pop Art’s fusion of fine art techniques with the lingua franca of commodity capitalism remains as enduringly popular and controversial over half a century since it truly began. For some, the mischievous experiments of Warhol, Hamilton and Lichtenstein breathed new life and cultural relevance into the discipline of fine art. For others, however, such experiments paved the way for a kind of celebrity artist who is more akin to a brand consultant, selling superficial work to a dubiously elite art market. Why does an art movement so attuned to the ephemera of its time still hold such iconic sway over our imagination today? Did Pop Art’s celebration of the everyday serve to liberate fine artists from stultifying tradition, or simply turn art into just another product? From album covers to interior design, what has been its true legacy?

Details and tickets here

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