Obscure Design Typologies: Brick Making Machines

Here is a glimpse into the world that makes the world: A selection of brick making machines gleaned from the global B2B marketplace Alibaba, that Aladdin’s Cave of mysteriously exotic banality. These are the machines that manufacture the things we manufacture the world out of, devices that are interfaces between the raw material of geology and the most basic building block of the synthetic, designed world. And though basic, we know (from this John Conway lecture on the mathematics of the brick, that a brick despite (or rather because of its ubiquity in the built environment) is actually a high concept idea in the form of baked clay. These, then are the glorious machines that provide form to that concept.

And for comparison, a few historical brick making scenarios:

[Side Note: To those dullards who happily quote Lou Kahn’s famous aphorism (you know, that one that goes “What does a brick want to be?”) … Well, isn’t being a brick – with all of the history and culture that that entails – enough?]

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