C-Labs 'Unfriendly Skies' & 'Bootleg' Volume


‘Unfriendly Skies’ is a beautiful project by C-Lab which surveys the skies of disaster movies. It’s part of the ‘Bootleg’ issue of Volume produced for the New Museum exhibition “Urban China: Informal Cities” (February 11-March 29). It seems to recall Constables exercises in cloud painting shot through with an apocalyptic bent. Though here of course the sky has been carefully designed, carefully coded as an overarching narrative environment. And, as Archigram told us, we should think of atmospheric conditions as part of architecural experience: “When it is raining in Oxford Street the architecture is no more important than the rain; in fact the weather has probably more to do with pulsation of the living city at the given moment.”

The issue explores the timely topic of Crisis and features a discussion between myself, Jeffery Inaba, Geoff Manaugh, Joseph Grima and Christopher Hawthorne, contributions from Eyal Weizman, Keller Easterling, Mark Wigley, Kazys Varnelis and many more.


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