Plug: Junk Jet


I have a couple of pieces in the second issue of Junk Jet (link to suitably mid nineties animated gif-tastic website). One on the Popemobile, and the other on bad, really bad construction. Its great to see such a messy, un-resolved and obscure publication – one that would sit well amongst the archi-fanzines that make up Clip/Stamp/Fold. Equally, it seems it would be in good company in Mimi Zeigers upcoming show ‘A Few Zines: Dispatches from the Edge of Architectural Production’.


Inside is a real gem – and almost completley unexplained. This project that combines brutalism with Elizabethan op-art half timbering. Anyone who knows me will understand that these images are like my dreams come true. I can’t help be both relieved that I’m not alone in being haunted by imagery such as this and jealously at not being able to articulate it quite so brilliantly.


All it tells us is the following: “zeitguised: exhoused and blockhaus, filmstills, 2008”. What could this mean? Does anyone know any more about this project?


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