High Tech As Steampunk …


Actually, taking the last couple of posts, plus something that comes out of Owens post here, I think I’m heading towards a idea that ‘high’ High Tech architecture (the Pompidou, and especially Lloyds – with its moments of historicism such as the Lutine Bell and surreally transposed classical Italianate wood-panelled Adam Room – as well as its fetishisation of function/structure/mechanics) is actually a form of proto-Steampunk.


Or maybe latent Steampunk. Certainly, the argument runs that this strand of modern British architecture is a descendant of Victorian engineering – that the origin of modern British architecture begins with Brunel. Perhaps, the future of High Tech (which seems in its own way to have run out of steam – if you’ll forgive the pun) should be found by reaching into Science Historicism, rather than chasing what seems to be the sci-fi future (blobs, digitalism etc). Certainly, etched brass High Tech would be super beautiful …



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