Lubetkin Lecture

Along with Charles and Sean, I’ll be at the recently restored Hawksmoor masterpiece, Christchurch, Spitalfields on Tuesday night where we’ll be talking around some of the ideas / motivations / tactics that preoccupy our work at FAT.

Details below:

The 17th BCA Berthold Lubetkin Memorial Lecture to be held on Tuesday 14th October 2008; 1800 – 2000; London

To register please use the following link

The BCA Berthold Lubetkin Memorial Lecture, sponsored by The Concrete Centre, is a prestigious annual event to remember the contribution of Berthold Lubetkin and is designed to celebrate inspirational works by contemporary designers. Previous speakers include Daniel LIbeskind, Rab Bennetts, Ken Shuttleworth, Christos Passos from Zaha Hadid Architect, Professor Tony Hunt and Santiago Calatrava


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