Riots, Crisis, Architecture and Cities: Damon Rich & Wouter Vanstiphout at the AA

I’m please to be hosting two of the sharpest and smartest people in urban design next week at the AA in what seems accidently to have become a micro-symposium: Damon Rich of CUP and Urban Designer for the City of Newark on Tuesday 1st Feb and Wouter Vanstiphout of Crimson Architectural Historians / Professor of Design […]

No Dust Adheres

Architectural Association School of Architecture / Bedford Press Evening Lecture & Book Launch 6pm Lecture Hall / 10 November 2010 Sean Edwards & Sam Jacob No Dust Adheres This AA lecture, to accompany the launch of the book Maelfa, will see artist Sean Edwards and architect Sam Jacob discuss amongst other things Edwards’ recent film […]

Deep Copy

“The three R’s: Repetition Repetition Repetition” – Mark E. Smith, The Fall We’re gearing up for the start of term at the AA. This years studio will be looking at the idea, the reality and the profound architectural significance of copying. Here’s our opening gambit: The greatest gift of the digital revolution is copying. Cut! […]

Pound Shop Baroque

This is the Strawberry Table for the AA‘s Projects Review opening that I designed in collaboration with my teaching partner, Tomas Klassnik.