‘Make It Real’ Published by Strelka Press

I’m currently in Moscow where we are launching the Strelka Press, the publishing arm of the Strelka Institute Directed by Justin McGuirk, the Strelka Press is a publishing house for original writing on architecture, design and the city. It’s format is, currently, digitally focussed , commissioning long-form writing in the shape of short e-books. I’m […]

On Sketches for Regency Living

Pablo Bronstein, Large Cabinet / Office, 2011 There’s one particular moment in Pablo Bronstein’s great show at the ICA Sketches for Regency Living where the idea of architecture, style, ideology come together, where his ping ponging of reference shudders to a strange conclusion. Illustration of Chippendale furniture from Style In Furniture by R. Davis Benn […]

Cities Destroyed for Cash (Then) Blame The Architect

A couple of links to great talks I hosted last week at the AA: Damon Rich Cities Destroyed for Cash The Great Recession has produced a new theory of architecture; per US Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan, ‘The built environment helped create the economic crisis.’ Recognizing the built environment as protagonist to, […]