Trailer: Copying & Magic

A quick note to bump a couple of events I’m contributing to in the near future. First up is a talk for Icon as part of their Icon Minds programme on 25 May 6-7pm, I think in the The Farmiloe Building on St John Street, London. It’s titled Ground Xerox: Architectural Doppelgängers & Design Doubles […]

Spatial Collapse: The Venetolona Pavilion

All I’m going to do is try to describe this picture I took yesterday in the Venetian Macau because there is a lot going on here and I’m trying to get it straight. The image is an advert for a luxury watch brand used as a hoarding during a shop fit. It’s a picture of […]

Deep Copy

“The three R’s: Repetition Repetition Repetition” – Mark E. Smith, The Fall We’re gearing up for the start of term at the AA. This years studio will be looking at the idea, the reality and the profound architectural significance of copying. Here’s our opening gambit: The greatest gift of the digital revolution is copying. Cut! […]