Powerless Replicas & Dud Twins: Thoughts On Placebic Objects

I’m taking part in a show called Image for a Title : Placebo Effects In The Cultural Landscape curated by Workshop for Potential Design in the Brompton Design District of the London Design Festival that opens on the 14th Sept. Curators Tetsuo Mukai and Bernadette Deddens write: The point of departure for the exhibition is […]

Room Service at KK Outlet

Just a quick note. FAT have contributed to Object Abuse at KK Outlet (itself a FAT interior project for KesselsKramer‘s London incarnation). Titled ‘Room Service’ we’re showing the ‘Chop’ (a chair / mop) and the ‘Bright’ (a broom / light), pictured above. These and all the other contributions by a great group of designers (including […]

Trailer: Copying & Magic

A quick note to bump a couple of events I’m contributing to in the near future. First up is a talk for Icon as part of their Icon Minds programme on 25 May 6-7pm, I think in the The Farmiloe Building on St John Street, London. It’s titled Ground Xerox: Architectural Doppelgängers & Design Doubles […]

Obscure Design Typologies: Cricket Scoreboards

Previously in Obscure Design Typologies: Photocopiers Incident Tents Lifeguard Chairs

The Massed Gadgets Of Albion/Saxe-Coburg

This really should be a super long essay, but for now these short notes will have to do. Of course it’s obvious, but moments of British pagentry like the Royal Wedding display the intense choreography of state and crown. The wedding deployed gadgets as diverse as bombers, Alexander McQueen dresses, Gothic architecture, William Blake, and […]

Design Criminals

Here are some details about the show I curated at the MAK, Vienna which is on until the 14th November. The exhibition is a challenge to a new generation of Austrian designers to engage with the Viennese discourse around “ornament and crime”. Asked to work with everyday decorative acts like cake decoration, tattooing and hairdressing—Loosian […]

Pound Shop Baroque

This is the Strawberry Table for the AA‘s Projects Review opening that I designed in collaboration with my teaching partner, Tomas Klassnik.

Design Will Kill Us All, Horribly, Again & Again

Hausu, La lampara asesina from seres on Vimeo. 2.31 minutes which set out in the clearest terms the deep seated antagonism at the heart of design. In the end, design will suck us in, tear us apart, spit us out, and spray us with blood. At least physiologically. (From the incredible 1977 film Hausu.)