Show & Tell II: Experiments in Freedom / David Knight

aandd: Birth of a Staircase “Somehow, everything must be watched; nothing must be allowed to be commonplace in the way that things just are commonplace: each project must be weighed, and planned, and approved, and only then built, and only after that discovered to be commonplace after all.” Banham, Barker, Hall, Price, ‘NON-PLAN: An Experiment […]

Urban Planning Nostalgia

A Look At The Future, 1961 Look at Life: Top People, 1960 Look at Life: Rising To High Office, 1963 Look at Life: Eating High, 1966 London Builds Again, 1945/6 Look At Life: Transport

Cities Destroyed for Cash (Then) Blame The Architect

A couple of links to great talks I hosted last week at the AA: Damon Rich Cities Destroyed for Cash The Great Recession has produced a new theory of architecture; per US Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan, ‘The built environment helped create the economic crisis.’ Recognizing the built environment as protagonist to, […]

Resurrecting the Dodo: The Death and Life of Urban Planning

Sitting in the Burger King in the center of Almere – the Dutch New Town built on land reclaimed from the North Sea – it suddenly struck me that this might be the culmination of the entire history of urbanism. Chewing on a Bacon Double Swiss I looked out of the burger joint onto the […]