Design Will Kill Us All, Horribly, Again & Again

Hausu, La lampara asesina from seres on Vimeo. 2.31 minutes which set out in the clearest terms the deep seated antagonism at the heart of design. In the end, design will suck us in, tear us apart, spit us out, and spray us with blood. At least physiologically. (From the incredible 1977 film Hausu.)

Now Showing: Dan Grahams ‘Rock My Religion’

via Rock My Religion (1982-84) 1982-84, 55:27 min, b&w and color, sound Rock My Religion is a provocative thesis on the relation between religion and rock music in contemporary culture. Graham formulates a history that begins with the Shakers, an early religious community who practiced self-denial and ecstatic trance dances. With the “reeling and rocking” […]